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Hull of  mirable shape. This ship was designed to be half run in whale chasing. The sails has composed by a unique square sail, used during the long crossing and outide the wind favourable wind. The real driving power were the oars, powerfully and tenanciously rowed by skilled sailors both in sailing and whale chasing. The Whale launches have been used since the middle of XVIII cent. until the XIX cent by the northen marine. It could reach up to 35 metres of lenght and 12 metres of height. Thought to sail autonomously from 4 to 6 months and hunting of massive porpouse.

American Whale Lunch

SKU: 0001
  • The oars are obtained from unique beachwood pieces and turned individually; similarly the harpoons, the rudder, oarlocks and the unique masts, in order to be as accurate as possible to the original project. The compass, used for long distances and the chest for food are made by hickory. The ropes’ basket, with their typical circular shape, reproduces one of the basic instrument for whaling: the rope shouldn’t curb itself, once the harpoon to which it was tied was troweed against the prey, keeping a linear trajectory. The end of the rope was anchored to the hull, so that the harpooned whale died by exhaustion pulling the spear. Then, anchored at the bow, was brought as booty to the nearest port. The special feature of this model is that each piece, excluding brassing and cotton sails are handmade by single piece of wood.

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