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He was the first merchant vessel built on behalf of the British East India Company, set up with , unusual artillery for a mercantile era. This armament was made ​​necessary by the opportunity to escape the precaution of having to travel in convoy escort, because the rich load made ​​it a tempting prey for pirates and enemy ships wars. If we take into account that this armament was served the best scorer and the crew, consisting of about 150 men , was the expert that you could find in the entire British Navy, you can understand how a Merchant of the East India Company could easily stand up to a warship of the same tonnage, and often more than one. The superior quality of the teams was assured by the fact that every sailor enjoyed exceptional privileges , such as the right to embark on their own account a total of five tons of cargo in the first leg and two tons to return merchandise that was often sold contraband to "lugger" deal.


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  • The vessel measuring 43.6 meters from bow rudder, 11 meters across the beam and its three trees rose up 46 feet above the upper deck. It weighed 780 tons and was loaded with tea and more than 100,000 pieces of exquisite Chinese porcelain. When the " Royal Captain " made ​​his last trip there were 106 passengers on board -99 crew members, six passengers and Captain Edward Berrow. After a year at sea a bench stones does not exist on maps sealed the fate of the ship.

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