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The history of Preussen , which in German means "Prussia", one of the best examples of the German company, is linked to that of its owner, Ferdinand Laeisz involved in maritime activities not by vocation, but for commercial needs. Laeisz, in fact, began as a manufacturer and exporter of silk hats, designed especially for South American markets. Her designs were so successful that soon the enterprising German was forced to export raw materials (silk , leather, cardboard ) rather than the finished product, making the place his models. From here to build a ship of their own, the Beloved, the step was short and even shorter than the industry to switch hats maritime trade. All the company's ships Laeisz had a name that started with the letter P. During the 1874 the German company became the first in Germany and one of the most quoted part of the seafaring world trade. The Preussen was a majestic five masts, carrying a square sail comprising as many as 30 sails on all the trees. These latter

Le Preusseun

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