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The most powerful vessel armed with 130 guns of the time, it was undoubtedly the product of a great constructive effort, built in the shipyards of "La Coruna" (Spain) in four years. It is interesting to note that the shipwrights of the time, had reached a high degree of technical perfectio , expend a lot of care and attention to the creation of a miniature model of exact proportions and often extremely accurate execution  the ship who had the task to accomplish. The hull of the Santissima Trinidad was built with timber felled in the winter of 1776 and matured for two years before being employed. The "corbe" or "ordered" and that is the curvilinear elements that form the internal skeleton of the hull (called ribs in jargon modeling), were obtained using logs carefully selected among those who followed already naturally a curved line depending on the needs of the construction.

Santissima Trinidad

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